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Project Overview Report by is an Add-In for Project Reader, the viewer for MS Project.

Project Overview Report show you under Microsoft Excel the summary project information at a glance. You can download for free this report and install it under Project Reader.

Project Overview Report ScreenShot

below an output example of this report

Project Overview Report Example





Report Data

  • Pecentage Complete of the project
  • Chart of percentage complete for each task at the outline level specified by the user (default value is 1)
  • List of milestones that are coming soon
  • List of normal task that are not completed

Installing the Report

  • Open the Visual Report Panel of Project Reader. You can use the menu option or the toolbar icon as below:
    Opening Visual Report Window

  • The Visual Report window show you the list of reports and the status for each report. Click on a report and download it as below:
    Downloading a report

  • After the download you have to install it. After the installation click on refresh button:

  • Refresh button

  • The status of the report will change, select the installed report and click on View button as below::

  • Refresh button

  • Microsoft Excel will be opened and the report will be created.
Project Overview Report Download



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